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Argenta Housing Project by Latin American Collective

Welcome to the Latin American Collective Housing Project – Argenta!

The Latin American Collective (LATCO) sponsor of the project, is a non-profit community based organization committed to public education to motivate participation of Latin American immigrants in the political life of Canada. was founded in Toronto in 1999.


Argenta is 50 families. Youth and children born in Canada, adults and seniors, arrived here from different countries of the Americas, it has the purpose to access, secure an appropriate, affordable place to live.

We welcome community solidarity, most important factor of social change; and we stream our tasks and endeavors to find economic resources and political wills, to make Argenta Housing Project a reality.

Housing Crisis In The Media

Argenta Housing Project

The Latin American Collective is a non-profit community based organization founded in Toronto in 1999

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From Arif Virani  MP for Parkdale-High Park Community Newsletter


“On November 22, our government announced Canada’s first ever National Housing Strategy (NHS).  As a representative for our community and for our city, I have fought hard for a comprehensive strategy to address the issues of affordable housing and eradicating homelessness. The NHS will create 10,000 new housing units; repair 300,000 existing units; and protect 385,000 households from losing an affordable place to live.  Most importantly, the NHS will entrench housing as a human right in law”.

The essential mission of this coop is to provide appropriate and accessible housing for the persons and families who are members.

The concept appropriate housing will be understood as units with rooms of dimensions that allow people to live there, without suffering mental anguish for overcrowding and with the number of rooms necessary according to the number of persons in the family group.

The concept accessible will be understood as the payment of rent according to income of the family or person.

The Coop is for low and middle-income families and individuals. This fundamental principle will be considered at all times in the selection of members, and the distribution of subsidies when possible.

The middle-income will be considered as the average salary table correspondent to each year.

And the low income will be considered according to LICO, Low Income Cut Off table used by the Federal Government to calculates income over or under the poverty line.

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